Aluplast Ideal 7000 ✨

Ideal 7000 ✨ windows window-profiles aluplast ideal-7000
A new dimension in energy efficiency. Modern architecture requires new standards in the technical, functional and aesthetic sphere.


Width85 mm
Number of chambers6
Sealing systemOutside
Heat transfer coefficient1.0 - 1.1 W / m2K 
Maximum acoustic insulation46 dB
Security factor7
Carbon footprint8
Durability factor9
Wind resistanceC4
Air permeability4

A new dimension in energy efficiency

Modern architecture requires new standards in the technical, functional and aesthetic sphere. The changing legal requirements for construction joinery, as well as, above all, the expectations of customers looking for warmer and warmer windows are trends that cannot be ignored.

IDEAL 7000 is an example of the synergistic use of the properties of profiles and insulating glass units to create windows with very low thermal transmittance. The thermal transmittance coefficient of the profiles with the Uf value of 1.1-1.0 W / m2K obtained in the tests, combined with the possibility of using wider and warmer glazing units up to 51 mm wide, guarantees the best thermal parameters of the window.

It is a system with an external seal, which makes it possible to offer an energy-saving solution also for glazed structures, without the need to use adapters. A large chamber with solid steel reinforcement guarantees the stability of the frame. The system enables easy connection of frames with other series of profiles with a depth of 85 mm. It is a system with an external seal.

Multifunctionality - a triumph of technology

The Ideal 7000 series is a multifunctional system that uses the MULTIFALZ technology, i.e. the optional possibility of using the glued-in glass technology. Thanks to the new geometry of the glazing rebate, it is not only possible to use conventional glazing, but also to glue the glazing. These technologies can be used alternately or combined depending on the needs, e.g. it is possible to improve the thermal properties of the structure by eliminating steel reinforcements and gluing glass panes, or using both steel reinforcement and glass gluing technology for larger window sizes, colors, etc. The optional use of glass bonding technology allows for even greater stability of the windows. Due to the permanent bonding of the glass and the sash, the risk of warping, bending and subsidence of the sash is reduced, thus extending the life of the sashes without the need to adjust them.

Ideal 7000 "powerdur inside" - advantages of "hybrid" solutions

Metal stiffening in the profiles of window frames creates a thermal bridge due to high thermal conductivity. The extremely good mechanical properties of the Ultradur High Speed material make the material suitable for use in window frames. The use of powerdur allows for a significant improvement in the thermal properties of the profiles, which is largely related to the thermal conductivity of Ultradur High Speed, which is 50 times lower than that of steel.

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